Growing trends in our society, often left unidentified, overwhelm our parents, teachers, church leaders and others in positions of caring for our children and youth. Our kids are bombarded with a swirling menagerie of people and teachings, usually disguised as responsibilities, tolerance, freedoms or opportunities. In actuality, these "freedoms" and "opportunities" [etc] often expose them to predators and other dangerous influences. At the same time, our common sources of research and information, on which most people rely to keep informed for safety, have become muddied with the political motivations of special interest groups and rising "experts", whose backgrounds reveal their actual agendas. There are still others imposing their beliefs upon our children…at school, on the ball field, areas of teen entertainment…. All the while, the movements toward more restrictions of parents’ control and protection of their own children work to push our children and youth under the wheels of any on-coming freight train. What is a parent to do?

No ridiculousness of "conspiracy theories" needed here. This is merely a result of an array of beliefs pushing their way through the Freedoms of our Country; while the business of "child protection" in this Country booms way out of control—interfering with parents’ rights and freedoms to guide their own children. Not to say that specific cultures or religions are in any event harmful. However, there do come practices with many other beliefs—whether cultural, religious or otherwise—which can bring harm, particularly to our children and youth. [Ramos v. Ramos, 2001; Kail, 2002; Lorville, 2003]

For example, in Amsterdam and some parts of Europe child pornography and prostitution is not illegal. Already in Las Vegas adult prostitution is not illegal. How long before child prostitution is legalized in the US? Practices of the ritual sacrifice of certain animals, brought over by other cultures and religions long ago, are legally protected in the United States. With the upsurge over the past decade of openly practicing Satanists [etc], what’s next? Though kept hushed by local law enforcement,
we already have evidence of ritual sacrifice of people hidden amidst many murder investigations. We also have documented evidence of literally hundreds of thousands of people diagnosed MPD [Multiple Personality Disorder], which comes through on-going, horrific abuse commonly practiced by many deviant groups. [OH v. Duffield, 2004; Kail, 1998; Dizdar, 2007; McGowan, 2004; AP, 1997-2009, Confidential sources, 2000-11]

Then we have trends in "theories" and "experts", primarily tested through "family" court. Dr. Richard Gardner’s "Parental Alienation Syndrome" [PAS] is one of scores on the rise through the early nineties. Did anyone consider his background
before his quackery was used to train counselors, social workers, judges and others responsible for the protection of our children? Take a stroll through one of his most popular works, "Sex Abuse Hysteria: Salem Witch Hunt Trials Revisited", where he declares his strong stand that "sex with adults is not harmful to children." [Gardner, 1990] He claims that it is the "hysteria" of concerned parents [etc] that "causes the child harm." It should be no wonder that his quackery was used primarily to oppose allegations of sexual abuse, from children against a parent. Now take that and consider the quackery of Dr. Patricia Seigel and the damage she has already caused.

Add to this other statistics: "An estimated 80 percent of all child pornography producers are family members or close friends of the family, and of that 80 percent , almost 50 percent of that 80 are family members." [E. Allen, MTR-CSECA conference, 2006 c/o SHI]
and, "Many, if not most, of these custody disputes involve a history of domestic violence." and,"Men who abuse their wives are almost certain to abuse their children in various forms." [Hastings, 2002 c/o BCU Law Review; Stop Family Violence, 2006; Anon, 2003] Still, children and good parents are not believed.

As a result, the trend from the early nineties to present has been for children to be ordered into the custody of the abusive parent when allegations are made in family court, based on that depraved quackery. [Stop Family Violence, 2007; JFC, 2006; Hastings, 2002] As a result, many of these children end up dead, prostituted or worse...and no one believes the accounts or evidence from the abused/protective parent, because, according to the "experts", he/she "is irrational and made it all up"--right?

These have also beguiled their way to the top in many states, such as a Supreme Court Justice in Louisiana who asked,
"What if it was just a little molestation?" when confounded by a bill to restrict parents found guilty of molesting a child. [Ducote, 2002] What happened to the common sense of "considering the source"? Why is that judge still on the bench? Was he investigated? Likely not. Just pray he has no children.

When we hear such insanity coming from the very mouths of those charged with the duty to "do good, commend good and bear the sword on evil", need any more be said about the severity of the problems?