Something most do not seem to understand is the fact that the intentional design of the system is simply to gain multiple streams of income—for the state, county and professionals that work in the fields associated with it, in various capacities. For our purposes here, “the system” consists of: Domestic Relations Court, Juvenile Court, Child Social Services, Child Support Services, Family Court Services, as well as the innumerable contracts held with hundreds of thousands of professionals, universities, and other businesses and organizations. All of it is supported by your tax dollars.

Take strong note that here you will never find the terms “child services” and “protective” in the same breath. Never. The only thing they are skilled and viciously intent on “protecting” is the multifaceted empire they have built by the blood of our precious children and the beaten bodies of innocent parents.

The public, and even those working within the system, is so conditioned to believe we “need child services”, along with their cohorts. Similar to so many other fallacies we are force fed, we can draw each and every iota of “supporting facts” to their logical conclusions. Thus, you will find for yourself enough to dispel the myths. I truly do not want to waste time explaining it here. You have a brain. So, use it.

What I'd like to get to here, now that I finally can, is to encourage us to look at the truth. Go further. Look deeper. You will also find that one of the handy uses of the system is to retaliate on whoever is deemed a threat the security of those benefiting from the mass destruction of our families. Retaliation from those in the system, and even of use by criminals and perverts to silence and gain access to their victims, is quite common.

And did I mention it's all supported by your tax dollars?

Let me share a brief explanation. In 2007 I had discovered that the head judges of juvenile and family courts in Mahoning County, Ohio county were co-founders of that county's visitation center (popular money maker for many). Did you get that? The very judges whose magistrates make orders to restrict parents with their children at the visitation center, are founders of that very center. Can anyone find a more clear example of “Conflicts of Interest”?

Of course I was outraged. Of course I squawked. Wouldn't any good person do so?

During that same time period I had some issues in that county's court. They had given custody of two of my children to an admitted abuser. So, just as is the common process, I was awaiting notice for the hearing on child support. I was also in the process of filing my appeal to the judge's order of custody. Since I could prove with their own documents that the guardian ad litem lied her hinnie off under oath, and intentionally neglected her lawful duties, it should not have been too difficult in a higher court. At least one would think. However, as I attempted many times to gain access to my files, so I could prepare my appeal, I was repeatedly denied. This patty-cake continued until the time to appeal ran out.

Oh, and I never received a notice for the child support hearing.

Of course, even after all I have experienced (personally and as an advocate) in the system, it never dawned on me to connect these issues with my squawking. And I was squawking all the way up to the Ohio Inspector General and Governor himself. Silly, silly me.

Around this time also, the county had just received additional funds and grants to build an new visitation center. Your tax dollars at work. Those judges knew what they were doing. Against all logic, they ordered an admitted child abuser to have custody of two of my children. That was the only way to keep them in their jurisdiction. I do not live out that way. They ordered me, and hundreds of other parents (from both juvenile and domestic court issues) to “supervised visits” their center. That gave them the overflow needed to show on their applications, while they held out their hands to the state and federal governments for your tax dollars.

They got their funds. They built the additional center. They were not about to let lil ole me mess it up for them, now were they?

More than full year later I was pulled over by a Cuyahoga Falls, OH cop for “driving under suspension.”

Never did I receive any notice of a hearing, any orders from the hearing (that I found out over a year later, did take place without me present), or any notice of potential suspension. Nothing. Nil. Nada. When I called the court and that county's child support services, of course, I got the run around.

At that point, my business had been growing steadily, with recurrent clients and contracts I had gained. I had also sustained my state license as a private investigator for one year. It was due to be renewed for my second year, to fulfill the obligations under law that must be met prior to being licensed independently.

All those villains had to do was see to it that I did not receive one notice and I lost it all. My professional license, my business, as well as my dog, my cat and my home. On top of that, I could have spent jail time for a DUS of which I had never been notified. Thanx to a good public defender (which is, in itself, a miracle) the charge was quickly dismissed.

All that, simply because I pissed off a couple judges in one Ohio county. Exposing the dirty little secrets of how our system profits off families, all for the almighty buck, can be a dangerous thing to do. But those black-robed buffoons did not foresee one thing: They had just made me their most dangerous opponent. 

What's more is, they obviously do not know the power of my Lord, and He does keep His eye on everything. Literally.

When a villain strips you of everything you hold dear, and then some, that is their most stupid move they could make. I had not a thing to lose at that point. So, I squawked even louder. No one can take my faith in Christ and, in that, I have it all. So, I squawked even louder. I had all the time in the world, thanx to the villains freeing up my schedule. So, I squawked with more frequency.

Now, I'll spare you the step-by-step details for a moment and just get to the punch. In April 2009, I read an article pronouncing the cut in funding to the visitation centers. Of course, the dependable lame-stream media put it out there as a cut “due to budget deficit.” But it seems suspicious that this came shortly after a productive, informative chat with a man in the Ohio Inspector General's office.

What's just as sweet is recently, after two and a half years of being on foot—literally--the magistrate that made the order, and one of the judges whose dirty little shenanigan was exposed, agreed to vacate the unlawful order that cost me everything. I'll elaborate on those details at a later date.

The moral of this tale is simple.Stand boldly in the truth, do what is right (Christ's version), and He will see you through. Through Phillip--one man--God changed an entire city. Are you up for some real change?