One case. One child. One mother and her family. Out of thousands each year, you all have such strong opinions and seeming dedication to Caylee? Major media picks (picks on) the Casey Anthony family and one precious child to hold in our view? If it is about accurate news coverage and not simply ratings for the station, why only one pretty, little face focused in our sights?

What is the criteria a child must fit to be counted worthy of so much close attention nationwide? What about those truly suffering? What about the hundreds of thousands of children, and their mothers, who never received justice simply because no one cared to believe...

Shame on you.

Do we really forget so easily? How about a strikingly similar cases? What about Rahab Amer, a mother in Michigan who, in 1985, was wrongly charged with the murder of her toddler son? Although, like in the Anthony case, Mrs. Amer was acquitted, her other three children were snatched from her and raised with strangers. The entire nation at that point was so focused on this supposedly “guilty mother” and outraged when she was not sentenced to life in prison.

Sound familiar?

Twenty years of fighting later, after having the body of the little boy exhumed and re-examined in 2005, the medical examiner, Dr. Spitz said the facts are “utterly inconsistent with homicide.” ( The cause of death on the child's death certificate was finally changed from “homicide” to “accidental”.

That finally shut up the squawking from the jury of public opinion, but only the judge in that case apologized. “I'm just sorry it took so long.” the judge said.”

And as to the opinions of Casey's behavior following the death of her child? All that hullabaloo is almost funny. How many of you and your adult children retreat to drinking and partying in reaction to trauma or loss? Endless songs are written about it. Such lifestyle is in the movies, media, and around us where ever we look. It is commonly accepted and really big business. Yet, you all deem this is “abnormal” and a “must be guilty” nail in the coffin you constructed for Casey Antony? I have witnessed with my own eyes when loved one dies and, after the services, almost everyone hits the local bars. I do not say this to condone it, just simply pointing out a fact that has been conveniently left out over the months of hanging Casey in the news and public arenas.

Did the Amers have to fight so hard for so many years, waste so much time and money with attorneys and all, and lose way more than most of you can imagine (their other three children), simply due to the witch trials paraded in the media and amongst an ignorant public? Was this family able to ever truly grieve the accidental death of their precious child? One can only imagine how many years it will take for Casey Anthony and her family to recover—not only from the loss of her child, but as well from the pillaging perpetrated by the media and public.

Let us consider wisely, public misgivings of the past, and stop stealing what is left of the Anthony family.

Lastly, for now, I must ask a burning question, pertinent in the midst of all this: Why is it the media and public will so quickly hang a mother based on mere speculation, yet make abundant excuses for child services agencies' and agents' culpability in the face of clear facts of abuse and murder?