The recent news of the Florida Dove World Outreach Church announcing its qu'ran-burning on the up-coming 9/11 anniversary, "as a "warning to the radical element of Islam", cannot be passed by without comment. Well, at least I can't. Grab some coffee and get comfy. This is going to be a long one.

Funny, as I typed the name of the church in the Yahoo search bar this afternoon, there came thousands of sites listed posting their news versions of the event. I could not find the website for Dove World Outreach Center there were so many other sites. So, I typed simply “church Florida”. Same results. Even “Florida pastor”. Same results. There were even “before it's news” blog sites with articles claiming Reverend Terry Jones had recanted the planned burning on the up-coming 9/11 anniversary. Their claim was the Reverend was “visited by Jesus” and He “humbled” the preacher, telling him it “was not loving” to burn books held as sacred to others. The articles further claimed that Reverend Jones was going to instruct Dove World Outreach Center to “donate” the qu'rans to the local mosques.

Really? Well, that certainly does not line up with Scripture! That would be equivalent to passing out volumes of the satanic bible. Whoever told that lie ought to at least get his facts straight.

Anyway... It took me almost an hour to find the organization's actual website. I searched so diligently for I wanted to contact them directly, to say “Kudos!!”, offering my prayers, love and support. No such recanting of the qu'ran burning set for this Saturday is mentioned anywhere on the Dove site.

After browsing the site a bit and watching the video on the main page, I clicked another of their links. “Poof”. An error message. I emptied my cookies and tried again to access their website. Another error message. Another hour later I still cannot access the site.

Too funny. Anyone care to acknowledge there is a spiritual war ?

Now to the point...

As popular news debates the ideals of what our courts have decided in previous matters, such as the burning of crosses, I'm not going to add redundance here. Rather, I believe it is important to point out some things that do not seem to be publicized in regard to all this controversy.

First of all, since our country at least gives an appearance of "tolerance" of faiths, their cultural practices, etc, then let us look into the Christian aspects of such, shall we? Can we, in defense of the faith... or, excuse me, “tolerance”, acknowledge that the Old Testament describes the accounts of what Josiah did to repair the house of the Lord and clean it up? 2 Kings 21-23 is supported by other historical ("secular view") documents. In Acts 19:19 the newly Saved people of the town brought all sorts of books involved of other teachings and, you guessed it. They burned them. And the city rejoiced.

...and those are merely two examples.

Hence, we can argue that "book burning" is shown to be an accepted Biblical tradition throughout history, as a statement of faith and "warning" to those who hold to the teachings of the books burned. In actuality, the purpose of burning was a form of cleansing; ridding entirely of all that the vile things possessed. But for our purposes here, we'll just go with the traditional, symbolic attributes.

All things considered, if we examine the true character of Christ, a "warning" cannot be construed as a threat of violence. It is a warning, borne of love, to repent and believe on Jesus, or you shall suffer the consequences that naturally follow. Same concept as the fact that if you do not watch where you walk, you will trip into a ditch or walk into oncoming traffic. Common sense. And let us not forget, Christianity is the only faith whose God offered Himself up unto a horrid death, in our place. Nowhere does He ask that we spill the blood of anyone, even ourselves, as a sacrifice to Him. What a horrific god to demand such madness of his people.

Shall we then compare the fact that only Christianity, in this country and abroad, is attacked, chastised, demeaned, sued, "corrected", and forced to compromise or submit to insane forms of "tolerance" at rates alarmingly greater than all other faiths? How about the fact that none who act under or impose such, tolerate true Christianity? Hypocrites! Rather, our people are tortured and killed in the most heinous of ways simply and only because of their refusal to bow to other gods (note the small “g”) and renounce Christ Jesus. Not just by islam. There are many groups with the full intent to destroy Christ's Church. Right here in the good ole USA, as often as in other places of this world.

In fact, did anyone hear how Pastor Daniels out west was tortured, and killed in her own church? Right here at home. And, no, I am not claiming any faction of islam did this. What about the pastor and some of his people in NY who were quietly in prayer in a park? They were arrested for disorderly conduct. The lists are lengthy.

And that is on top of all those innocents who were murdered by the hate-mongers on 9/11.

If you want to talk about “threats of violence”, listen to what it is muslims chant at their “legally protected” rallies. “Bomb, bomb USA” and “Death to all Christians” and even their children proclaiming “Death to Israel.” Yet these direct threats are passed off as legally protected free speech?

The masses hear nothing more than occasional, obscure blurbs about the direct and consistent persecution of Christians, even right here on our own soil. We are additionally attacked (literally and figuratively) for not bending our traditions and faith to accommodate other teachings, et al. In other words for not tolerating that which we should not tolerate. These step foot on our soil. Threaten us. Attack us. Then use our own laws and our tax-payer supported courts to further dismantle us? That is no different than you paying a high dollar hit man to kidnap and kill you...slow and painfully.

What's worse is when any Christian stands up firmly in our faith, making any statement, swarms of attacks come at once. Christian businesses and ministries are even vandalized or successfully sued for refusing to hire homosexuals and muslims. Only our perceived intolerance is what hits mainstream news.

So, I must say, burning a book as a statement of "warning" is a simple, non-violent, historically correct way of saying "we shall not tolerate your methods of treatment of our brethren or our country." Just like others burning the Cross or flag, it has has already been determined as a legally protected Constitutional Right. The difference being, we, including the Dove World Outreach Center, are praying for the adherents to be consumed by Christ's love, as the flames consume the books.

As far as the argument about "inciting violence." Oh, my. Please, Scotty, beam me up! Common sense says, if any group has already shown themselves to be violent, and has declared many a time their hatred for us, just our mere existence is inciting enough, in their book. Does that mean, according to imposed "tolerance", that if my existence incites you that badly it is my fault if you bomb my house? Oh please. That rhetoric is the exact same garbage society shoves down the throats of victims of violence. "Well, if you were not female, he would not have been incited to rape and beat you."

God bless you, General Patraeus, but c'mon. Get real.

As for Reverend Jones and the Dove World Outreach Church, “KUDOS!” and I am standing with you. Thanx for being an example that we ought not to be mere pew warmers.