Growing up, the idea was imposed that anything having to do with politics was deplorable. Taboo, if you will. Including those who so much as uttered support. You were met with an incredible air of detestation at the mere mention of budding candidates or simple chatter about the latest issues. And in my up-bringing, if anyone wanted to see fangs grow instantaneously, just whisper any hint of "Republican". Trust me, repercussion was much less severe if I would have screamed out filthy curse words throughout my childhood.

It took me years to discover that my household was not too different from societal norms. How disturbing.

As I grew, however, a novel idea popped into my wondering mind: Look up the definition of the word. On the bright, clean but tattered pages of my collegiate dictionary I found a very simple phrase that wiped away the imposition. "The science and art of the administration of government." Sure, there were blocks and blocks of various forms of the word followed by revealing text, but this tid bit was enough for me. I do like simplicity.

Oh, but what of the dividing line of parties? Republican or Democrat? That's like asking "tea or coffee?" What if you like both? Or perhaps, neither? Does this mean you're not included? Your thoughts and views are not valued? What happened to just being American? Yes, my reclused little mind was in a swirl yet again. Having no clean minds to probe for answers, I turned to the infallible source. Throughout the years I have come to experience the fact that when God said He "created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them", He did not leave anything out. So, it just makes sense that God created government. 

In all other things God created, the key element is relationship, centered in Him. The relationship between the planets and the stars holds the universe in balance. The relationship between husband and wife holds the family in balance. So it just follows that since politics involves a relationship between government and its people, centering that in Him would help to bring balance. All goverments in history each had their pagan gods to which even kings submitted. In US history, each time our leaders turned back to the Father something wondrous transpired that propelled this country into greatness. 

In retrospect, it is safe to say that politics is much like sex. It's original design is good and for our betterment, even enjoyment. However, too many (not all) within have forsaken the relationship for self-gratification. Thus, have turned it into something perverse.