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New Year's Resolve

December 29, 2010
This New Year we ought to have determined resolve, as opposed to making momentary "resolutions." I toss this out to our politicians, leaders--both church and state--and citizens. How many times do folks at each year's end, resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, start exercising, become more active in our communities, church, etc...and do not follow through? So, what's the "secret"?

In the
Book of Daniel, chapter one, verse eight, Daniel is said to have "purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself...." The rest of that can be summed up by saying "with worldliness." Some translations state "resolved", in place of the word purposed. In that "resolve", look what God did through Daniel.

From where did our ancient Brother obtain such might? It would behoove us to refresh ourselves in that resolve, like Daniel--which is offered to us all--particularly as we embark into this New Year. Without resovling, or purposing, in our heart of hearts to rid ourselves of all that inhibits, and simply rely fully on Christ--"the Holy One, who teaches us what is best and guides us in the way everlasting" (Isaiah 48:17)... Well, just like all other "New Year's resolutions", you will fail.

As we abide in such resolve, however, we are enabled to "build ourselves up in our most holy faith." (Jude 20, parphrased) In that, we can acheive our hearts' desires for our beloved and great Nation.

God bless you all in this New Year and onward :)

Politics, the dirtiest word in the English language?

September 2, 2010
Growing up, the idea was imposed that anything having to do with politics was deplorable. Taboo, if you will. Including those who so much as uttered support. You were met with an incredible air of detestation at the mere mention of budding candidates or simple chatter about the latest issues. And in my up-bringing, if anyone wanted to see fangs grow instantaneously, just whisper any hint of "Republican". Trust me, repercussion was much less severe if I would have screamed out filthy curse wor...
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