For many, the brutal torture unto murder of precious little Jackie Cooper is “old news.” According to Summit County prosecutors, it's “case closed” with a victory attributing success to that office. Summit County Child Services Board [CSB] simply remains silent with somber looks when the toddler's name is mentioned. Juvenile court judge, Linda Teodosio, struggled to fight off burning tears the very instant this baby's name was spoken at an otherwise pleasant meeting with Ohio Family Rights. The vast majority of citizens in the Greater Akron area, where this baby's life expired forcefully, give puzzled looks, asking, “Who is Jackie Cooper?”

One cannot help but wonder how people can forget. An openly professed practitioner of satanism, tattooed profusely with “black” pagan symbolism, systematically tortures toddlers. This guy was our neighbor. He and his family owned a tattoo parlor near the Akron University campus. CSB saw him semi-regularly, if in fact they did visit the girls as their job requires. The doctor at Akron Children's Hospital who examined Jackie and sent her home [with fractured ribs, lacerated liver, etc] the night before her murder, does he remember her? How did he miss the many pinholes forming patterns of symbols on the bottoms of her little feet and on her precious head? The rituals are a systematic process. How could anyone have missed it? How can anyone forget?

Such practitioners believe that the more innocent and pure the victim, the more “power” gained through their intentionally prolonged torture. So, when Duffield separated Jackie's little head from her tiny neck with his bare hands, finally no more screams and tears. Finally, she could rest, since no one else bothered to hear. Duffield certainly listened, for the intense pain he caused her was for specific purposes. He would gather her tears. He would keep locks of her hair. He would save her blood. As he repeatedly poked holes in her little neck and feet, twisted her fragile limbs until they snapped, he would have become more and more enthused; feeding off her inescapable misery.

Russ Dizdar knows well who she was. One of beautiful twins, many months prior he held Jackie and her sister. Then the pastor of Calvary Community Fellowship, he had laid hands on the twins, blessed them and prayed for them with their parents. The he had reached out to this young couple, yet they disappeared and lost touch for a short time. Dizdar sought them out again and found Daniel Duffield sitting at the table in place of the father of these baby girls. Vanessa McGlumphy, the mother, introduced them as Dizdar again offered help and gave her numbers to contact. She never called. She moved with the girls and could not be found again. Until, that is, the October 6th murder of Jackie was publicized throughout the area in 2004. No coincidence this transpired during that season.

Jackie and her twin, Laloni, were merely 13 months young.

Although Duffield was successfully convicted of murder, involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment, one cannot help but wonder why more was not pursued to prevent the torturous mutilation and horrid death of this baby. Though Dizdar had lost contact, Summit County Child Services Board [CSB] had been involved in the girl's lives practically since their birth. CSB knew Vanessa had been living in a garage with the babies and that Duffield was involved in their lives. They had reason to know Duffield had already proven himself to be a danger. In fact, the journal entry from the Summit County Ohio docket case number CR 04 10 3615 (A), dated March 11th, 2005 for sentencing even remarked, “Relationship with the victim facilitated offense; Lengthy history of criminal convictions; Served multiple prison terms...” in a list of 15 reasons Shapiro gave as to why “judgment should be pronounced.” Among this disturbing list is the clincher, “Prior conviction for Endangering Children which was similar to violent actions herein.” Also noting, “No genuine remorse [shown by the defendant].”

Did you catch that? A prior conviction of child endangerment means that CSB would have had knowledge of his “similar” criminal actions involving children. There is simply no excuse.

What's more is prior to Jackie's murder there were multiple reports from reputable folks concerned about the safety of these children, specifically regarding Duffield and the involvement of McGlumphy in similar practices. Those reports were ignored.

Furthermore, anyone who knows anything about such practices understands that these creeps do not work alone. They are connected, either by gaining a following of their vile deviance or through recruitment by another. Still, the prosecutors are satisfied that they successfully won the case against the bad guy, and accepted McGlumphy's plea bargain. This same woman, who had sought Dizdar for help regarding her own past and family, claimed she had no knowledge of the torture of her babies in her own home by a man she invited into their lives after having known him for some time.

Russ Dizdar with Shatter the Darkness had linked Duffield with a group of practicing satanists in the tri-county area who call themselves “The Stairway Coven” and meet regularly at local cemeteries. Confidential sources have stated that since Jackie's murder, the the father of the twins has been sought by members of this group for remnants of Jackie, as it is said even locks of her hair would “contain power.” Furthermore, individuals of such groups are specifically appointed to prey on single mothers for the purposes of using their children in various practices.

This case is not “won”. There will be no satisfaction until they are all stopped.

The truth is there is no way anyone having contact with these babies or the idiots who harmed them would have been able to miss the signs. No wonder so many try so hard to forget. Yet, rather than continue to hide heads in the sand, speak out. Contact us with any information you think may be useful. Even if you think it's nothing, you don't realize what you know until you set your dastardly fear aside and reach out.

We can save other children from suffering the same, horrific experiences. We can stop these idiots. We at Uncommon Knowledge, in conjunction with Shatter the Darkness, are presently a mere few highly motivated investigators who will stop at nothing. The only thing stopping us now is the silence of those who choose to forget. Please, reflect and give us a call. All contacts remain confidential.

Russ Dizdar

c. l. thomas
clt 10/2009