For over six years I have been struggling to come up with a manner in which to present some rather "out of the box" views that have developed largely on their own. Views that just make sense. Views that really need looking into if we do, in fact, desire to solve cases. We can bring peace to the families as well as justice for the victims and our communities. Yet, these views regard cases of children listed as missing and therefore address incredibly sensitive issues. Respecting the families of the beloved as we press forward through the chilling files of these “cold” cases, I think I have finally solved the dilemma.

Rather than to present these views in a manner that could instill false hope or unnecessarily break hearts and bring more intense worry, I'll simply ask. Rather than name names, or even present these obscure factors as if I am some silly “expert”, I shall merely list what I have found. Technically, in the mainstream of society, I am a nobody. I have no degree validated by someone else with a larger than life name, and no financial backing or incentive. I am merely a simple citizen who sincerely gives a damn for more than just myself and my “own stuff”, motivated solely by the love of Christ.

As noted, these views developed on their own. Throughout years of crash-course learning, I gathered information, sought, prayed incessantly and, thus, came up with the following factors. Decide for yourself the degree of validity, or even sensibility. Set them against your cases and chase the leads, or toss them around in idle chatter for entertainment. Either way, give this some thought.

Here are a combination of common factors found that have not been considered regarding cases of missing children, as developed from researching approximately five specific cases:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Vicinity of thoroughbred racing facility
  • Time of child's disappearance corresponds with open racing season of local racing facility
  • Involvement with child services around time of disappearance
  • No hard evidence to date found in area of original jurisdiction

These factors can be narrowed or expanded with various other criteria, and I will explain the reasoning behind this specific collection another time. The greatest point here is, however, to actually solve these cases, bring peace to these families and get at least a handful of criminals where they belong. Behind bars, or six feet under. I personally do not care which.

Viewing cases in consideration of these factors begs further serious questions. The first of which, obviously, “Is this coincidence, or connection?” If “connection”, can we explore the option that there may be a serial case here? If that is the case, then how many more than the five I have studied in depth? Whether we follow that line of reasoning, or simply utilize these factors to help locate a missing child, it cannot be argued that these factors open up a fully untraveled view of many cold cases.

Due to the sensitive nature of “cold” missing children cases, let's respect their privacy while we ponder theories. Please feel free to email me with ideas, comments, questions. In posting this I hope to ignite our abilities toward new leads that appear once we get out of the box of common views.