"Hi there, Eric here, I found your email on the shatter the darkness website. This is about little Jackie, I have no information about the case, but I read the part about reflection and I would rather do this than nothing. i read about little Jackie in The Black Awakening and on the shatter web site. I wrote this last night, its my reflection.

    Jackie, I am so sorry what happened to you. I am sorry some failed you and choose not to see the signs and act in your best interest. I saw your picture today and you are so beautiful. Tears are running down my face as I write this because you didn't deserve what happend to you with the pure evil and pain you had to endure.You didn't deserve to have a hair harmed on you beautiful child of God. You are so special and God will have you in his arms forever. I am so sorry for being so selfish and not understanding your pain earlier. If I could, I would wrap my arms around you angel and never want to let you go. God, please don't let me and others stay blind to this pure evil and let us exersice your will and authority. God keep us seeking your true will and nothing other. God, guide us to be aware of this evil and let us not be idle about it. Jackie I love you so much girl and am torn up by your horrible death and exposure to this torture and death.

It's sick beyond belief and I would be a coward to be just idle about this and not in the very least reflect and try to honor you child. I am beyond honored to be in your presence and know you little Jackie. God keep me vigilant and not a coward in the presence of evil and to speak and act in your will if I bear witness to evil that would destroy a small child. God, let me seek you and seek your wisdom and guide me to help stop this injustice. I know its scary, but, Jackie is braver than I could ever be as 31 year old man. I will put on the Armor of Christ. Jackie we love you."

(published with author's permission)